Teaching english as an international language

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This course is for anyone who is planning to teach English as a foreign language in Romania, or anywhere in the world, but especially for those who: are non-native speakers of English, have little formal training as English teachers and are teaching in the students’ own country, not an Englishspeaking country. The chapters of the course cover every major aspect of teaching English, ranging from the essential theoretical principles to practical teaching ideas which are designed to be effective and acceptable in the working contexts of most future ‘green’ teachers.

The material included in this coursebook stems from the genuine desire of making the teaching of English as a foreign language thoroughly efficient, manageable and easy to follow for young teachers. It attempts to link teaching to the classroom needs by giving you, our trainees, opportunities both to think about foreign language teaching and, at the same time, to strengthen your knowledge about language teaching and learning. Knowing about and understanding your own teaching is likely to heighten your professional awareness of how to achieve the goals you may have set. It will also point to why you should choose certain teaching techniques and methods according to the given circumstances of real classrooms.

However, the material presented is intended to be a suggestion for further practice, an incentive for reflection and an invitation to informed teaching creativity. It is meant to encourage you to investigate your own beliefs and expectations about teaching and learning and about how you are going to put them into real practice.

The overall aims of this course are:
– to provide information on the most important issues of foreign language teaching;
– to help you develop your personalized teaching style by getting inspiration from the information presented and discussed;
– to develop in you a gradually increasing professional freedom that will enable you to progress from simple to more and more complex teaching;
– to foster in you an awareness of the many challenging aspects of teaching practice and to help you make the best of it.

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