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The study European Institutions represents
an original approach of an utmost
current thematic for Romania. The originality of the work stems not necessarily from
the content of the public information regarding European institutions, but rather
from the manner in which the work is stru
ctured, such as to highlight the author’s
view on the content of the European unity idea, in general.

The reasoning used to sustain the logic of edification of the current community
institutions is diversified, starting with
historical aspects and reaching those of a
geopolitical nature, however having as a
gravity center the approach by means of
juridical sciences.

Following the logical path proposed by the author, it becomes obvious that he
did not attempt a detailed analysis of the
institutional structure, of the European
Union, but had as a primordial purpose
highlighting the role of each European
institution, as well as their manner of interaction in order to aid the Union in
reaching the objectives proposed thro
ugh Treaty by member states.

In this context, the author’s desire
to underline the difference between the
concept of institutional community legal order, which appeared as a result of the
objective process of functioning of communi
ty institutions and that of community
law, can be noticed throughout the work.
In conclusion, I wish to highlight the qua
lity of this work’s content, especially
varied and at the same time current, with regards to the structure, the functioning
and the evolution of European Union in
stitutions, as well as the consistent
bibliography employed by the author. Th
e presentation of the European Union’s
structures is realized in a lo
gical, fluent manner, easily
covered by the reader, shaping
a clear, comprehensive image of the juridi
cal elements existing in the European
institutional reality, created by member
states, through the agreement of their
sovereign will.

It must be stated that at the basis
of this work lies the course entitled
Community Institutional Legal Order, publis
hed by the author in the year 2007,
completed and modified in accordance wi
th the evolutions recorded by the
community institutional architecture until the beginning of the year 2013.
Considering those mentioned, it is my be
lief that this work addresses a wide
spectrum of readers, connoisse
urs, but also those taking
their first steps in unveiling
the addressed issue.

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