Mass Media, Language, Creativity

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Mass Media, Language, Creativity

Autor(i): Alina Tenescu

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The central objective of this work is to offer a coherent, unitary view of the relationship mass media-language-creativity, starting from a cognitive-semantic perspective of the five senses in media discourse. The book is addressed to researchers, teachers, students and to all those interested in the importance that a new approach, that of conceptual semantics, has on the analysis of the specificities of modern media discourse which abounds in sensory metaphorical language. As metaphor proves its central position in any human discourse, and especially in media discourse, emphasizing and creating new significances, a cognitive study of the five senses in media discourse helps us to understand how media strategists use this insight to better relate with the target-public and to influence media users on a profound level making use of sensory metaphors.

The book’s table of contents is structured in six parts. The first gives the theoretical background for the analysis of metaphors while the second chapter is focused on revealing conceptualizations of scent and fragrance in advertising and marketing. The third chapter analyzes sensory experiences related to wine imagery in media and literary discourse. The fourth chapter proposes a multisensory approach to tactile perception in the media. Chapter five explains how advertisers use visual metaphors to shape and change the way consumers feel and think and the last chapter identifies the connection sound - sensory mappings in online media discourse.

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