Empowering the Health Care Reform

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Data aparitiei: 09-2020

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Empowering the Health Care Reform

Autor(i): Mihoreanu Larisa

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The present research finds its roots in the interdisciplinary approach linked to Health industry and Health market as profitable businesses. The purpose of the research encounters a strong anchor into a new concept, of synergetic satisfaction having the patient in its center. A centric measurement used in such manner that societal performances’ rules are linked to the real needs of a health status afterthought. Several constituents of the classical healthcare principles receive, exquisitely, shaped clarifications under the state, public and private health of public recognition. As the principles of humanism depict the governments’ obligation to guarantee their citizens fundamental rights to access health services, the international dimension of such activities seed new designed health objectives. This springs also in international agencies, nongovernmental and religious bodies’ interests and activities in the field. Hence the research maps a new model and sustains that the health management systems, differently recognized, assumed and developed in international environment, need regular nudgers to better drive understanding the reality, financial interests and resources. The implementation of the innovative model of integrated management would diminish the national burden, make people embrace the responsibility of active citizenship and let them getting involved in any process that protect the right development of the country, far from partisan interests, only for their own future and comfort in life.

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