Educatia Omului de azi pentru ziua de maine

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Educatia Omului de azi pentru ziua de maine

Autor(i): Mariana Marinescu

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In a continuous change ,,knowledge society”, of which contrasts and dangers (school leave, psychoactive substances use, domestic violence) can have disastrous consequences, the pledge for education is the necessary premise for the rehabilitation of true significance of life. Human education today for tomorrow’s world brings up to the readers’ attention the educational act, combining the theoretical analysis with the experimental and statistical data, proposing new examples and suggestions.

All the editions of our journal (from 2004 – until present) communicate between them, retaking the same big themes: Interdisciplinary approaches in the field of Educational Sciences, The new educations in the “knowledge society”, Teaching elements, Preoccupations of Bachelor, Master, PhD students, professors, researchers, etc. Consequently, each new edition demands a bit special attentive lecture and comprehensive effort. New educations have an interdisciplinary foundation, relying on contributions of information technology, philosophy, anthropology, but mostly of Education Sciences, being organized on four pillars of knowledge:

• To learn to know, which refers to the obtaining of knowledge instruments;
• To learn to do (well), in a way in which the individual comes in relationship with the environment;
• To learn to live together with other people, which refers to communication, cooperation and participation to the human activities;
• To learn to be, which result from above.

School, as a main educational agent, has the role of enhancing young people with critical sense, with the capacity of adequately understanding and responding to the different challenges of the society, of becoming more and more agents of own change, which can self organize, can structure alone the knowledge, can discover alone the future judgment and responsibility. Before all, the educator remains a human model, he / she is called to put the base of the future life options of in training young people. I thank all people who supported me in the elaboration of this volume through suggestions and critical observations. In the waiting of new suggestions, observations, challenges... I hope for the mitigating circumstance of the readers.

Ph.D. Professor

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