Educatia omului de azi pentru lumea de maine

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Educatia omului de azi pentru lumea de maine

Autor(i): Mariana Marinescu

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The journal Human Education Today for Tomorrow’s World has proposed to represent an important step in the direction of preparing young teachers (especially the beginners) to become active and responsible teachers and to manage with success the requirements of a modern teaching system, as well as their involvement in the life of the local community. Human Education Today for Tomorrow’s was conceived in an interdisciplinary perspective, having a practical – applicative character. The journal represents an educational complement oriented to the Romanian schools.

Sometimes, schools were invoked that they do no prepare young people for private life. Through its learning content, the journal has focused to respond partially or totally to these needs. In this aspect, the information about new educations in the knowledge society (technological education, ecologic education, civic education), about informatization in education, about psycho-pedagogical research and about many more bring important aspects of preparing for life in the speeches of teachers and stage students.

Why it is recommended to use this journal ? Human Education Today for Tomorrow’s World can be useful because:
• It informs students and teachers regarding the actuality subjects; • It encourages beginner students and teachers for the didactic profession;
• It represents a support material for discussions in the center of didactic activities;
• It suggests the ongoing of practical activities;
• It assures the access to information in a stimulating and provocative manner;
• It promotes the European dimension in education etc.
We kindly recommend you to lecture this journal, in hope that it will be of real use to you and we gratefully expect your opinions.
Ph.D. Professor Mariana MARINESCU

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