Easily Testing of Basic Macroeconomic Knowledge

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Data aparitiei: 06-2016

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Easily Testing of Basic Macroeconomic Knowledge

Autor(i): Oana Simona Caraman-Hudea

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The present guide represents a useful instrument for all individuals willing to become acquainted with basic macroeconomic information via progressive testing, as well as to those just pursuing to assess their already acquired knowledge in the matter.

The work, containing a series of 305 applications, consisting in: choosing the right answer from several variants of possible answers, treating open subjects, making graphical representations on a given issue or solving problems, is structured in ten chapters, following exactly the same pattern as the one encountered in the book A Short Way to Macroeconomics Core, previously published by the undersigned, to which this paper is tightly related.

The accumulation of new knowledge or the testing of the same is facilitated by the provision, at the end of theguide, of the solutions for all the applications proposedherein.

Oana Simona Caraman-Hudea

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