The review of social and economic issues

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ISBN: 2360 – 378X01502

Editura: Editura Pro Universitaria

Data aparitiei: 04-2015

Colectia: Periodice

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Format: 15x23

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The review of social and economic issues

Volume 1, Number 2

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The Review of Social and Economic Issues (RSEI) is a bi-annual peer-reviewed journal published by Romanian –American University. It will publish high quality research covering various areas of economic science, with a focus on the role of institutions and public policy.

RSEI encourages cross-disciplinary research work and promotes the analysis of contemporary issues from a liberty-oriented perspective.

Editorial Team
Alexandru Butiseaca
Romanian-American University

Associate Editors
Bogdan Glavan
Romanian-American University

Flavia Anghel
Romanian-American University

Carmen Elena Dorobat
Bucharest Academy of Economic Studies

Book Review Editor
Ninel Ganea
Independent Scholar

Journal Administration
Bogdan Opreanu
Romanian-American University

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