Fiat Iustitia - Review of Juridical Studies No. 1/2014

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Data aparitiei: 10-2014

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Fiat Iustitia - Review of Juridical Studies No. 1/2014

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The theme “Efficiency of Legal Norms” proved a matter of interest, the papers presented in the first two editions of the international conference covering numerous and various issues.
The current decade presents many challenges of economic, social and political nature. In Romania, the new civil and criminal codes have entered into force, expressing the need of legislative change. Issues regarding environmental protection and administrative organization, as well as the will to revise the Constitution raised many law controversies. Many countries have faced a prolonged recession and connected issues like the anti‐migration wave. In the European Union, solutions had to balance the internal view with the European rules.
At a global level, political phenomena like “Arab Spring”, environmental issues, global criminality, revelations about gathering information programs conducted at state level, or protection of personal data evidenced the need for international regulation; action had to be taken, solutions still have to be found.
In such context, individuals have to be aware of their rights and means to protect them. In 2014 the second phase of the World Programme for Human Rights Education, initiated by the Human Rights Council of the United Nations, will be completed.
The cooperation with the Romanian Institute for Human Rights lead to a meeting held prior to the opening of the Conference, about the 20th celebration of the National Romanian Family Day, that was instituted under a Government Decision adopted on proposal by the Romanian Institute for Human Rights and endorsed by the Patriarchate of the Romanian Orthodox Church, following the United Nations Organization Resolution 47/2371/1993 that proclaimed the World Family Day in 1993.

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